Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley

Before Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley was founded, there were no bilingual schools in the East Bay. Five families, along with EB’s first principal Jeannette Rouger, thought that young children should not have to commute long distances for a quality bilingual education, and decided to found their own school. EB opened its doors in Fall 1977, with six teachers and 55 students in pre-kindergarten through third grade.
Since then, enrollment has grown from 55 students to 545, and the number of languages we offer has increased from two to five (English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Latin). Our graduates have gone on to top high schools and colleges, and at last count, our alumni had lived in 47 countries worldwide.
Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley is the oldest bilingual school in the East Bay. EB educates a diverse population of boys and girls, inspiring them to strive for academic excellence and to develop a high sense of personal and social responsibility. We support each student in the acquisition of skills and the development of character necessary for global citizenship in an increasingly complex world.
Maintaining the diversity of its student body

Ecole Bilingue’s goal, as reflected in our mission, is to educate global citizens and empower them to thrive and make a difference in their communities, wherever they may be in the world. EB believes that global citizenship begins with acknowledging, understanding and embracing diversity in all its forms. EB’s multiculturalism is a gift and an opportunity. We value differences and aspire to be inclusive and respectful of all aspects of diversity.

The EB community is extraordinarily diverse, with over 50 nationalities represented. We are proud to call as members of our community, a full spectrum of varied cultures, traditions, family configurations, and viewpoints. We have programs in place, both in the classrooms and in the broader community, that demonstrate our commitment to understanding and embracing the many forms of diversity.

2014 Board of Trustees

Yusef Alexandrine
Nadine Amarelo
Frédéric Canadas – Head of School
Renee Cole Clyde
Philippe Dietz
Catherine Dower
Emma Gimon
Sharon Le Duy
James Levine – Vice-Chair
Jeff Loustau
Kili Summer McGowan
Joshua Meyer
Al Moore
John Palmer – Chair
Mark Poff
Stéphane Prunet
Peter Secor
Loy Sheflott
Alexandra Thusy-Privat
Marion Tobie
Suzanne Wallace

Advisory Board
Romain Serman – Consul Général de France
Chris Anderson – Parent
Pascal Baudry – Former Trustee
Kermit Lynch – Alumni Parent
Gail Skoff – Alumni Parent
Janet Metcalfe – Alumni Parent
Jean-Pierre Moullé – Alumni Parent
Denise Lurton-Moullé – Alumni Parent, Former Trustee
Orville Schell – Alumni Parent, Former Trustee
Alice Waters – Alumni Parent
Fanny Singer – Alumna, Class of 1997
Laura Truffaut-Wong – Alumni Parent, Former Trustee